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Congratulations! You’re in business. You found your perfect location, likely creating a website and relevant social pages as well. All your hard work has set in motion a chain of events that will propel you to success. But wait, everyone else is doing the same thing. To differentiate yourself, you play marketing roulette. You say YES to one of those marketers that comes through the door and you’re not happy (Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article). At this point, it seems like you’re in a blinding whiteout sinking in quicksand; unable to see or move. Over the next few pages let’s take back some of the control and give you the knowledge to grow. You NEED a plan!

We’re going to discuss things you need to think about TODAY and implement ASAP.

first, let’s correct the way you view online marketing. You always hear people talking about trying to get more reviews, or more followers or more content. But these are just the means to effective marketing, not the motivation. Before you can please your audience you have to please the algorithms. Google, Bing, Yahoo, they all have a checklist of things you must do in order to be competitive. Reliability is the name of the game. The more reliable you are viewed, the more you are rewarded. Items on the checklist are enforced by impartial web crawlers

Click here to get an online checklist.

Just like your brick and mortar, location is big. The first thing you will want to do is create a Google My Business Page. It’s your maps listing with all of your relevant info. Due to the ubiquitous nature of Google search, this will get you visibility. Depending on how competitive your business type is for a given area you may or may not see your listing on the first page of Google within the first few weeks. For example if you’re a restaurant in San Diego, Your listing may be buried on page 20! While you may believe increasing your number of reviews will help you climb pages quickly, the next step is to create your website.

Creating a website is an investment of time and money. It pleases the algorithm and shows that you have a permanent piece of online real estate.